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SLR Magic Lens Bundle for Standard CINE
Full Frame E-Mount

Our latest update allows for a more personalized lens selection process, giving you the flexibility to choose lens combinations that align with your preferences. Unlike the fixed combinations offered previously, you now have the freedom to pick from two lenses up to a complete set, catering to the specific requirements of your professional projects.


Standard CINE Lens

Ideal for beginners, these lenses offer excellent value at an affordable price point. Their lightweight design, around a pound, ensures portability for on-the-go shooting. Tailored for 4K production, each lens in the series maintains a consistent size and weight profile with standardized lens gear positions, facilitating rapid lens swaps and simplified adjusting when switching lenses on a gimbal.

Suited for various genres including portrait, interiors, architectural, and landscape cinematography and photography, these lenses boast 52mm and 62mm filter thread diameters, enabling compatibility with a range of off-the-shelf optional lens accessories such as the SLR Magic Anamorphic adapter and Achromatic Diopters.

Featuring standard CINE series functionalities, these lenses incorporate industry-standard built-in iris and focus gears, accommodating the use of optional follow focus units and lens gear motors for enhanced control and precision in filmmaking and photography setups.

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