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SLR Magic E & X-Mount CINE

The SLR Magic E-Mount CINE supports cine-style shooting on Sony E-Mount cameras. It weighs in at around a pound and covers full-frame sensors with a fast aperture for shallow depth of field. It features geared focus and aperture rings, and a clickless iris that allows smooth aperture pulls. Also, these lenses also feature an optional Fuji X-mount.

E & X-Mount

SLR Magic CINE Lens

These lenses are great for beginners at a very comfortable price. A pound or so will allow you to carry it with you wherever you go. ​They are suitable for 4K production, and each lens in the series is a similar size and weight, with consistent lens gear positions for quick lens changes and easier rebalancing when changing lenses on a gimbal.

Suitable for portrait, interiors, architectural, and landscape cinematography and photography. These include 52mm and 62mm filter thread diameters for use with a variety of off-the-shelf optional lens accessories, such as the SLR Magic Anamorphic adapter and Achromatic Diopters.

Standard CINE series lenses feature industry-standard built-in iris and focus gears, allowing you to use an optional follow focus unit and lens gear motor.

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