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Opting for compactness instead of bulk and weight, the SLR Magic APS-C MicroPrime is designed for APS-C sensors and comes with a Sony E-mount. Perfect for 4K production, all lenses in the MicroPrime Cine series share a uniform size and weight, along with standardized lens gear positions, facilitating quick lens swaps and simplified re-balancing when transitioning lenses on a gimbal.

APS-C E-Mount

MicroPrime-CINE Lens

Tailored for cinema-style workflows, the MicroPrime Cine Lenses offer a clickless iris for seamless aperture adjustments and cine-standard geared focus and aperture rings. These features contribute to producing appealing bokeh and natural out-of-focus highlights, enabling shallow depth of field shots and enhancing performance in low-light conditions.

With a generous 150° focus rotation, an internal focus design maintains a steady lens length during focus adjustments, while the non-rotating front element enhances usability. The combination of short focal lengths and smooth manual focus control minimizes focus breathing, ensuring minimal distortion during focus pulls.

Maintaining consistent color rendering and bokeh across all MicroPrime lenses, the universal 85mm front diameter facilitates easy swapping of clamp-on matte boxes between lenses. Additionally, the 82mm front filter threading allows for the attachment of filters and various optional accessories, including the SLR Magic 65-1.33x Anamorphic adapter or a selection of compatible off-the-shelf accessories.

APS-C MicroPrime CINE E-Mount



SLR Magic
Directors Edition Lens kit
for APS-C Sony E-mount

This lens kit offers great savings by including various focal lengths and compatibility with different camera systems in one Value Bundle.

Ian Hudson_25_0.95.png

APS-C Sony E-mount

MicroPrime CINE 17mm T1.5

Structure : 8 Groups 9 Elements
T1.5 to T16 Aperture Range
Aperture Blades : 11

Filter Size : 82mm

Image Circle : θ32


APS-C Sony E-mount

MicroPrime CINE 35mm T1.5

Structure : 6 Groups 7 Elements
T1.5 to T16 Aperture Range
Aperture Blades : 10

Filter Size : 82mm

Image Circle : θ32


APS-C Sony E-mount

MicroPrime CINE 50mm T1.4

Structure : 5 Groups 6 Elements
T1.4 to T16 Aperture Range
Aperture Blades : 13

Filter Size : 82mm

Image Circle : θ32

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