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SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot-CINE Lens Set

This SLR Magic Anamorphic Prime Lens set comprises 35mm, 50mm, and 70mm lenses, offering a 2x horizontal squeeze resulting in a 2.66:1 aspect ratio on a 4:3 sensor. These lenses feature an MFT mount designed for Four Thirds-sized sensor cameras and include an 82mm front filter thread for filter attachment.

SLR Magic 2x

Anamorphot-CINE Lens

Leveraging our expertise in both cine-style spherical lenses and anamorphic adapters, we have innovatively merged the two to introduce an anamorphic lens. This 2x Anamorphic-CINE lens embodies a comprehensive all-in-one design with maximum apertures of T2.4 (35mm), T2.8 (50mm), and T4 (70mm).


Featuring a 2x horizontal squeeze, these lenses achieve a cinematic 2.66:1 aspect ratio when used on a 4:3 sensor. Designed with MFT mounts for cameras equipped with Four Thirds-sized sensors, these lenses enable capturing images in a wider aspect ratio without compromising image quality through cropping.

With a minimum focal length of 3.5 feet and geared focus and aperture rings, these lenses offer precise control over focus and depth of field. Notably, the rotating front element during focusing may impact your choice of matte box. The inclusion of an 82mm front filter thread allows for the attachment of various filters, such as diopters, to potentially adjust the minimum focal length of 3.5 feet. For convenience, this lens set comes with a sturdy hard case for storage and transportation.

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