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SLR Magic 8mm F4

8mm F4 MFT

SLR Magic CINE Lens

Ultra-wide and Ultra-lightweight at just 3.9 oz, the 8mm f/4 Lens from SLR Magic can easily find a home on your drone or gimbal stabilizer. Designed for these demanding applications, this lens offers a 16mm equivalent focal length with minimal distortion and high sharpness, ideal for vast landscapes, tight interiors, and architectural work. 

The build quality is pretty solid as the whole thing is only made from metal and glass. A little knob on the side helps with focusing, and there is no problem with manipulating the knob with your fingers.

Also, it has an f/4 aperture that allows for the lens to remain extremely compact. Operation is simplified and optimized for remote camera work, including manual aperture and focus along with a locking screw to avoid any accidental focus shifts during your shoot. Use the 7-blade aperture diaphragm for smooth bokeh.

SLR Magic 1,33x - 65 Adapter Specs

SLR Magic 8mm F4

Optical Structure

8 Groups 9 Elements

Filter Size


Image Circle

θ 22




F4 - F16

Mini Focus Distance

3.94" / 10 cm

Aperture Blades



3.88 oz / 110 g

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