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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Certified refurbished products offered by SLR Magic are supported by a comprehensive 30-day warranty and adhere to the SLR Magic Certified Refurbished commitment, ensuring quality and reliability in every refurbished item.

Guaranteed SLR Magic quality

Every SLR Magic Certified Refurbished Product undergoes a meticulous certification process to guarantee performance and quality that align with our standards. Additionally, they are backed by the same warranty terms and conditions as our brand-new products.


Cost Efficient

SLR Magic certified refurbished products offer nearly identical performance and quality to new items. Through our thorough inspection process, each lens is held to our high standards. This allows owners to experience the same exceptional image quality as a brand-new lens but at a more budget-friendly price point.

"like new"

SLR Magic refurbished products undergo thorough inspections and meticulous care. Should the need arise, authentic new parts are incorporated into the refurbishment. Rest assured, our refurbished items are optically aligned and maintained in a "like new" state.


Quality Checked

To provide reassurance, every refurbished item is accompanied by a 30-day warranty, featuring identical coverage and terms to our new products. These items are carefully packaged in new retail boxes, carrying a "SLR Magic Certified Refurbished" seal inside. This seal signifies that the product has undergone thorough inspection and calibration by SLR Magic.

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CINE Series

Refurbished FAQs

What is a SLR Magic

Refurbished Product?

SLR Magic's refurbished products encompass items that have been previously sold and returned, including mistakenly purchased or unopened items. These products undergo inspection before being offered for sale as refurbished items.

How are SLR Magic products refurbished?

Every SLR Magic refurbished item undergoes comprehensive functionality testing, meticulous cleaning, and replacement of original SLR Magic parts if required.

Does the product come with warranty?

Certainly. Our refurbished products come with a 30-day warranty, offering the same coverage and conditions as our brand-new items. This warranty provides peace of mind, allowing you to use the product without any concerns.

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