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The SLR Magic Anamorphot-40 1.33x works with lenses that have a front element physically no larger than 40mm in diameter. For full-frame sensors, SLR Magic recommends that the Anamorphot-40 1.33x be used with 40mm or longer focal length lenses; it is compatible with select wider lenses when using S35 and Micro Four Thirds sensors.

The Anamorphot 40-1.33x features adjustable focus marked normal and near. The near adjustment allows you to focus on subjects two feet away; setting the adapter to normal allows you to focus on subjects from three feet to infinity.


The Anamorphot-40 mounts to lenses with a non-rotating front and a 52mm front filter thread. This adapter is compatible with full-frame and APS-C camera sensors, and with both automatic and manual focus lenses.

1.33x - 40

Anamorphic Adapter

1.33x - 40 Anamorphic Adapter

Modern professional cinema cameras have large sensors capable of capturing an image in the 2.35:1and 2.66:1 format directly, using spherical lenses, but filmmakers still desire the anamorphic “look” which often limits them to using rare vintage lenses. These present a number of difficulties in practice such as size, weight, availability, lack of close focus, and high price. We sought to overcome such issues with the SLR Magic Anamorphot.

1.33x - 40 Anamorphic Adapter


  • Rear Mounting Threads: 52 mm

  • Front Filter Threads: 62 mm

Front Element Diameter

  • 1.6" / 40 mm

Adjustable Focus

  • Normal and Near


  • 8.8oz / 0.25 kg