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Modern professional cinema cameras have large sensors capable of capturing an image in the 2.35:1and 2.66:1 format directly, using spherical lenses, but filmmakers still desire the anamorphic “look” which often limits them to using rare vintage lenses. These present a number of difficulties in practice such as size, weight, availability, lack of close focus, and high price. We sought to overcome such issues with the SLR Magic Anamorphot.

This adapter features a 1.33x anamorphic squeeze and can be used on lenses with a front element size of up to 65mm, greatly expanding the number of lenses you can mount with this adapter, compared to earlier SLR Anamorphot adapters. Other improvements for this adapter include an internal focus design that simplifies using a rod-mounted matte box because the Anamorphot's length doesn't change when focusing.

The adapter features a rear 82mm thread, and it mounts seamlessly on the SLR Magic Micro Primes. Working in collaboration with Fujifilm, SLR Magic has optimized the adapter to work with the Fujinon MK series of zooms, and when used with the Fujinon MK 50-135mm zoom. 

The Anamorphot 1.33-65 will fit any matte box with a 114mm rear opening, and because the front doesn't rotate while focusing, it can also be used with clip-on matte boxes. The front of the adapter is threaded to accept 112mm filters and diopters, and it has a nominal close-focus distance of 4'.

1.33x - 65

Anamorphic Adapter

  • This anamorphic lens adapter enables you to capture your image using your entire sensor, so there is no loss in resolution when compared with cropping your image.

  • The Anamorphot-65 1.33x screws onto your lens's front, providing the classic anamorphic effect for lenses with a front diameter of up to 65mm.

  • The Anamorphot-65 1.33x focuses down to a minimum of four feet.

  • It features a 112mm filter thread so you can attach optional filters or diopters.

1,33x - 65 Anamorphic Adapter with Gear


1,33x - 65 Anamorphic Adapter with Gear


  • Rear Mounting Thread: 82 mm

  • Front Filter Thread: 112 mm

Close Focus Distance

  • 4' / 1.2 m

Front Diameter

  • 4.5" / 114 mm


  • 1.7 lb / 0.78 kg