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SLR Magic Lens Bundle
for APS-C Sony E-mount

We've redesigned our lens combinations so that you can now choose the lens combinations you want and not be limited to the fixed combinations of the past. You can choose from two lenses to a full set, perfect for your professional needs.

APS-C E-Mount MicroPrime-CINE Lens

MicroPrime Cine Lenses Specifically designed to support cinema-style workflows, the lens features a clickless iris for smooth iris pulls and cine-standard geared focus and aperture rings. Provides pleasing bokeh and natural out-of-focus highlights. And allows you to take images with a shallow depth of field, while also being suitable for low-light shots.

150° focus rotation features, an internal focus mechanism / design for a constant lens length, even when adjusting focus, and a non-rotating front. Combined with a short focal length, when you manually rotate the focus ring, you'll be able to adjust it comfortably from start to finish and let the lens breathe as little as possible.

All the MicroPrime lenses have color and bokeh consistency between one another. The front diameter is universally 85mm so you can easily move clamp-on matte boxes from one lens to another. 82mm front filter threading for attaching filters or other optional accessories, such as the SLR Magic 65-1.33x Anamorphic adapter or using a variety of off-the-shelf optional lens accessories.

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