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HyperPrime 10mm T2.1

HyperPrime 10mm T2.1

Key Features


● The front element does not rotate as you change focus of the lens, it also does not protrude beyond the front lens threading, allowing you to attach filters to the front of your lens.


● The clickless iris allows you to smoothly adjust your exposure during the shot.


● Built-in iris and focus gears follow industry standards, allowing you to work with optional follow focus units and lens gear motors.


SLR Magic Hyperprime Cine 10mm T2.1 Overview


Tailored for MFT mount cameras with Four Thirds sized sensors, this lens excels in balancing size, form, and functionality. The 10mm lens delivers sharp images with minimal corner and edge distortion, even when wide open at T2.1, making it well-suited for various shooting scenarios.


The lens's Cine designation signifies its geared focus and iris rings, featuring 0.8 pitch teeth to ensure compatibility with film-style follow focus units, enhancing precision and control during filming.


Furthermore, the clickless iris ring allows for seamless aperture adjustments mid-shot, facilitating smooth iris pulls. The non-rotating front of the lens accommodates threaded 77mm filters or filter rings, providing versatility for creative effects and practical filter use.

    • Specification

      Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
      MFT 11 Groups 13 Elements θ22
      Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
      10 77mm 7.9"
      Weight Length (mm) Format
      520g / 1.13lbs 80 MFT