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SLR Magic 77mm Rangefinder Cine Adapter (Calibrated in Feet)

SLR Magic 77mm Rangefinder Cine Adapter (Calibrated in Feet)

Key Features


● Works with SLR Magic Anamorphot adapters (1.33x50 and 2x50) to provide single gear ring focusing.


● Using the adapter allows you to minimize the effects of breathing that your lens or lens / adapter combination would ordinarily suffer from.


● The adapter provides your lens with a focus range of 3.5' to infinity. Even if your lens or lens and anamorphic adapter combination by themselves do not focus as close as 3.5', using the adapter brings the minimum focus distance to 3.5'.


SLR Magic Rangefinder Cine Adapter (Calibrated in Feet) Overview


Made to greatly simplify the process of focusing with anamorphic adapters, this SLR Magic Rangefinder Cine Adapter provides a calibrated focus scale, marked in feet, industry standard focus direction, and a cine-style focus gear for your lens set up. When using most anamorphic adapters that mount to the front of your lens, focusing requires matching the distance on the anamorphic adapter and the lens itself; this can cause problems when trying to pull focus. However, when using the Cine Rangefinder, you set both your anamorphic adapter and lens to infinity and pull focus on the rangefinder.


You can use the Rangefinder Cine Adapter to provide accurate focus markings, and using the adapter minimizes the appearance of lens breathing. It mounts to lenses with 77mm front filter threads, and you can use optional step-down rings for lenses with smaller front threads. The adapter integrates a cine-style focus gear, allowing it to easily interface with a variety of optional focus accessories. It allows you to focus your lens or lens/anamorphic adapter combination from 3.5' to infinity.


    • Specification

      Dioptric Strength Variable
      Filter Thread Rear: 77 mm
      Front: 82 mm
      Dimensions Max Diameter: 3.8'' / 97 mm (approx.)
      Length: 1'' / 2.54 cm (approx.)
      Weight 12 oz / 340 g (approx.)