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HyperPrime 50mm T0.95

HyperPrime 50mm T0.95

Key Features


● The clickless iris allows you to smoothly adjust your exposure during the shot.


● Built-in iris and focus gears follow industry standards, allowing you to work with optional follow focus units and lens gear motors.


SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 50mm T0.95 Overview


The SLR Magic HyperPrime 50mm T0.95 Lens with MFT Mount is exceptionally fast, making it suitable for extremely low light filming. It supports a cine-style workflow when shooting on a camera with an MFT mount. It features a T0.95 to T16 iris range, with a clickless iris that allows smooth iris pulls, and geared focus and aperture rings.

The lens features a dedicated MFT mount, providing a 35mm equivalent field of view of 100mm on a Four Thirds-sized sensor. With an 88.8mm length, 72.2mm diameter, and a 12-blade iris, the lens is compact and functional.


    • Specification

      Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
      MFT 7 Groups 10 Elements θ22
      Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
      12 62mm 2'
      Weight Length (mm) Format
      640g / 1.4lbs 82 MFT