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18mm F2.8

18mm F2.8

Key Features


● The clickless iris allows you to smoothly adjust your exposure during the shot.


● Built-in iris and focus gears follow industry standards, allowing you to work with optional follow focus units and lens gear motors.


SLR Magic Cine 18mm F/2.8 Overview


Whether shooting in cramped quarters, in front of vast landscapes, or in any other situation where an ultra-wide field of view is required, the SLR Magic CINE 18mm f/2.8 Lens will have you covered. Its fully mechanical design is robust, lightweight, and reliable. Its lightweight and naturally wide depth-of-field make this lens a great choice for stabilizer or gimbal work.


The 0.8 MOD gearing on both the focus and iris lenses ensures connectivity with follow focuses and lens motors. Further reducing the weight of your rig, 62mm front filter threads allow for mounting standard photographic filters rather than using a potentially heavy matte box.


  • Specification

    Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
    E & X 9 Groups 10 Elements θ44
    Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
    9 62mm 7"
    Weight Length (mm) Format
    450g / 0.99lbs 70 Full Frame