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2x Anamorphot CINE 70mm T4

2x Anamorphot CINE 70mm T4

Key Features


● This 70mm lens produces a 2.66:1 aspect ratio on Four Thirds sensors. This allows you to get a greater widescreen effect while maximizing your sensor's resolution.


● Geared focus and iris rings allow the use follow focus unit or lens motor to pull your focus or iris.


SLR Magic Anamorphot Cine 70mm T4 Overview


Renowned for its cine-style spherical lenses and anamorphic adapters, SLR Magic has ingeniously combined both worlds to create the Anamorphot Cine 70mm T4 lens—a seamless integration of anamorphic capabilities into a traditional cine lens format. This anamorphic lens introduces a 2x squeeze factor, delivering a unique 2.35:1 aspect ratio when used with 16:9 sensors, significantly enhancing cinematic visuals. Compatible with Four Thirds sensors, this lens offers the ability to capture a wider image aspect ratio without sacrificing resolution, preserving the image quality and maximizing the cinematic effect.


Featuring a close 3.5 feet minimum focus distance and geared focus and iris rings, this lens provides versatility and control over depth of field and focus, catering to varied shooting requirements. It is noteworthy that the front element of the lens rotates during focus adjustments, which may impact the selection of matte boxes for your setup. The inclusion of an 82mm front filter thread allows for the attachment of filters, including diopters to reduce the minimum focus distance, adding further creative flexibility to your shooting capabilities.


Included with the lens is a durable hard case for secure storage and convenient transport, ensuring the lens remains protected and ready for use in various filming scenarios. The SLR Magic Anamorphot Cine 70mm T4 lens combines the best of anamorphic and cine-style lenses, offering filmmakers the opportunity to enhance their creative vision and elevate the visual storytelling experience.

    • Specification

      Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
      MFT 10 Groups 11 Elements θ32
      Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
      11 82mm 3'5"
      Weight Length (cm) Format
      1.4Kg / 3.1lbs 19.25 MFT
    $2,599.00 Regular Price
    $799.00Sale Price