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APO HyperPrime CINE 32mm T2.1

APO HyperPrime CINE 32mm T2.1

Key Features


● Built-in iris and focus gears follow industry standards, allowing you to work with optional follow focus units and lens gear motors.


● 300° of focus rotation enables precise focus adjustment, especially as you focus close to the lens.


SLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Overview


The SLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Lens is a cine-style lens designed to accommodate full-frame sensors, projecting a 46.31mm image circle compatible with specific 8K sensor-equipped cameras. Highlighting cine-style focus and iris gears in addition to an internal focus design, this lens enables seamless focus adjustments without altering its physical length, making it a practical choice for integrating with rod-mounted lens accessories and matte boxes.


Featuring an extensive 300° focus rotation, this lens allows for precise focus pulls, particularly beneficial when working at close focusing distances, ensuring accurate focusing in various shooting scenarios. Aligned with industry standards, the lens focuses in the customary direction, offering familiarity and ease of operation for filmmakers. With a 95mm front diameter, the lens provides ample space for attaching additional lens accessories and filters, enhancing creative possibilities during shooting.


The non-rotating front element while changing focus settings allows for easy attachment of clip-on matte boxes, sunshades (subject to weight considerations), and polarizing filters, catering to diverse shooting needs and preferences. Equipped with an ARRI PL mount, the lens ensures a straightforward, robust, and highly dependable connection with cameras, guaranteeing secure and stable performance for professional filmmaking endeavors.

  • Specification

    Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
    EF & PL 11 Groups 13 Elements θ46.31
    Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
    13 82mm 1'6"
    Weight Length (cm) Format
    1.25Kg / 2.75lbs 10.5 Full Frame