Z CAM E2C bundle with 2x Anamorphot CINE 3-Lens Set

Z CAM E2C bundle with 2x Anamorphot CINE 3-Lens Set

Z CAM E2C 4K Cinema Camera


  • 12-Bit ProRes RAW recording over HDMI to the Ninja V 5” HDR monitor-recorder
  • 4K @ 30fps, 10-bit color
  • 4/3" CMOS sensor
  • 11.5 stops dynamic range
  • Gigabit Ethernet for data, control & live streaming*
  • iOS app for control setting & live preview
  • POE supported


SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot CINE


This set of anamporphic prime lenses from SLR Magic includes a 35, 50, and 70mm lens. The lenses provide a 2x horizontal squeeze, which creates a 2.66:1 aspect ratio on a 4:3 sensor. The lenses feature an MFT mount and are suitable for use on cameras with a Four Thirds-sized sensor.


The lenses feature geared focus and iris rings, with a rotating front, which makes it unwise to use a clip-on matte box as that will also rotate with the front of the lens. The 82mm front filter thread allows you to screw in filters, such as diopters to shorten the 3.5' minimum focus distance. Each lens in the set comes with a hard case for storage and transport.


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