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SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter

SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter

Key Features


● Forty-two layers of interference coatings on front surface and eight layers on rear surface limits light that falls on a digital camera sensor to the visible spectrum.


● Useful with CCD or CMOS sensors to filter out infrared light pollution that cause color shifts frequently associated with high-definition recording with multi-stop neutral-density filters.


● Does not require adjustments to exposure while in use.



SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter Overview


The SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter is an ultraviolet and infrared control filter that is useful for digital cinematography as well as still photography. While recording video with a CCD or CMOS camera, multi-stop neutral-density filters are used to maintain proper exposure by compensating for increased light levels when widening the camera lens's iris to obtain a narrower depth of field. As the increased amount of light passes through multi-stop neutral-density filtration, visible light is progressively blocked, while infrared light is allowed to pass through. As the proportion of infrared light that reaches the sensor of a camera being used for digital cinematography becomes greater, the results can show unwanted color shifts, particularly in dark areas of the frame such as shadows where the appearance of black is dominant.


When the SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter is applied, ultraviolet light waves along with infrared light waves are suppressed, helping to ensure that light falling on a digital camera sensor is limited to the visible spectrum. When used along with multi-stop neutral-density filters while recording with a digital sensor, potential infrared color shifts are prevented or minimized, preserving color accuracy throughout the frame. This filter may also be used to help ensure that the appearance of unwanted blue casts is reduced while recording digital video or still photos under daylight that also features intense ultraviolet light.


The front and rear surfaces of a SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro Filter include forty-two and eight layers of interference coatings respectively. Those coatings allow the filter to limit the light that falls on a digital camera sensor to the visible spectrum. A nano coating offers protection to the filter substrate, and results in an improved beading effect when in contact with water for greater cleaning efficiency.


This filter is constructed from Water White glass for increased clarity as well as color fidelity and features an aluminum-alloy filter ring for durability while remaining lightweight.