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SLR Magic 2,0x - 50 Adapter

SLR Magic 2,0x - 50 Adapter

Key Features


● Supports focal lengths between 35 (MFT) / 50 (APS-C) to 100mm for APS-C and MFT format sensors, and 70 to 100mm for full-frame format sensors.


● The Normal/Near adjustments ring allows you to fine-tune the focus of your lens for shooting subjects closer than approximately 26'.


● It features a 77mm filter thread so you can attach optional filters, diopters, or the SLR Magic Rangefinder Cine for improved focus functionality.


SLR Magic 50-2.0x Anamorphic Adapter Overview


The Anamorphot-50 includes adjustable focus settings labeled as normal and near. The near setting permits focusing on subjects closer than roughly 26 feet, while selecting the normal setting enables focus on subjects from about 26 feet to infinity. This adapter is compatible with lenses featuring a non-rotating front element and 62mm front thread diameter.


Ensuring a wide range of lens compatibility for enhanced creative flexibility. When coupled with full-frame sensors, it is recommended to match the Anamorphot-50 2.0x with lenses having a focal length of 75mm or longer, ideal for maximizing the anamorphic effect and image quality on these lenses.

For S35 sensors, a focal length of 50mm or longer is suggested when using the Anamorphot-50 2.0x to achieve optimal results tailored to this sensor size. Similarly, for Micro Four Thirds sensors, lenses with a focal length of 35mm or longer are recommended to ensure compatibility and the desired anamorphic output for this specific sensor format.

    • Specification

      Filiter Size 77mm
      Rear mounting thread 62mm
      Weight 1.65 lb