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APO MicroPrime 3 Lens Set with a gift of MicroPrime CINE 18mm

APO MicroPrime 3 Lens Set with a gift of MicroPrime CINE 18mm

SLR Magic APO MicroPrime Lens Set ( Full-Frame E-mount ) Overview

The lenses in this series are meticulously crafted for cine-style film production and offer a versatile aperture range of T2.1 to T16, accommodating various lighting conditions and depth of field requirements. They are specifically designed to cover full-frame sensors, equipped with a 43.27mm image circle that renders sharp and clear images across different high-resolution formats. Additionally, each lens integrates built-in 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears, ensuring seamless compatibility with standard cine-style accessories such as follow focus units and iris control mechanisms.

With a generous 150° of focus rotation, cinematographers can achieve precise focusing, crucial for capturing sharp, high-quality images. The common 85mm front diameter across the series further simplifies the filmmaking process, as it negates the need for multiple adapter rings for different-sized matte boxes, thus streamlining the setup and changeover between shots.

Finally, each lens comes with an 82mm filter thread diameter, providing filmmakers the convenience of using a wide array of readily available lens filters and other accessories, enhancing their ability to control light and achieve creative effects on set effortlessly. This comprehensive design approach underscores the lenses’ utility and performance in professional cine-style productions, making them a valuable asset for filmmakers seeking quality and versatility.

SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 18mm T2.8 ( Full Frame E-mount ) Overview

With a wide T2.8 aperture, the 18mm lens is optimized for capturing high-quality footage, offering a balance between light-gathering capabilities and depth of field control. Its compact and robust design makes it a versatile choice for various shooting scenarios, and its consistent gear positioning ensures quick and seamless lens changes on your rig without the need for extensive adjustments.

The 18mm focal length provides a wider field of view, ideal for capturing expansive landscapes or creating immersive visual storytelling. This lens, like others in the MicroPrime Cine series, delivers vintage, detailed images with pleasing bokeh and natural-looking out-of-focus highlights, enhancing the overall cinematic quality of your footage.

Additionally, the lens features an internal focus mechanism to minimize breathing and maintain focus stability, while the 85mm front diameter ensures compatibility with matte boxes. The inclusion of an 82mm front filter thread allows for direct filter mounting onto the lens, offering convenience and flexibility in achieving desired visual effects without the need for additional accessories.