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SLR Magic 8mm F4

SLR Magic 8mm F4

Key Features


● Optimized for use on drones, aerial systems, and stabilizers, this 8mm lens is extremely lightweight at just 3.9 oz and measures 1.8 x 1.6".


● This ultra-wide angle 8mm lens is designed for use on Micro Four Thirds cameras where it provides an equivalent focal length of 16mm.


● Manual focus design is aided by the inclusion of a locking screw that will help prevent accidental focus shifts during shooting.


SLR Magic 8mm f/4 Overview


Exceptionally ultra-wide and feather-lightweight at a mere 3.9 oz, the SLR Magic 8mm f/4 Lens proves to be a perfect match for integration into drone or gimbal stabilizer setups. Tailored for such specialized applications, this lens delivers a 16mm equivalent focal length characterized by minimal distortion and impressive sharpness, making it an ideal choice for capturing expansive landscapes, confined interiors, and intricate architectural details.

Crafted entirely from metal and glass, the lens showcases robust build quality. Featuring a convenient side knob for focusing, it offers smooth manual adjustments that are effortlessly manageable by hand.

Despite its compact size, the f/4 aperture ensures versatility in various shooting conditions. With a user-friendly design optimized for remote camera operations, including manual aperture and focus controls, the lens incorporates a locking screw mechanism to prevent unintentional focus shifts while shooting. The 7-blade aperture diaphragm enables the creation of pleasing, smooth bokeh for enhanced visual aesthetics.

    • Specification

      Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
      MFT 8 Groups 9 Elements θ22
      Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
      7 N/A 4"
      Weight Length (mm) Format
      130g / 0.3lbs 50 MFT